Hi! I’m Jenelle Manzi. Welcome to my site dedicated to my passion for baking and creating snacks and treats that are both indulgent and functional.  I am a ballet dancer with the New York City Ballet and after years of recipe testing and playing around in the kitchen, I've realized that nothing makes me happier than sharing what I make. I hope you enjoy!

How it all started:

By day, I am a professional ballet dancer, but I've always had an outside passion for baking. I love what I do and wouldn’t trade it for the world, however the physical demands of being a ballerina require one to be pretty diligent about health and wellness. Throughout my ballet career, I spent years dealing with allergies and injuries that I simply could not get rid of. With the help and guidance from so many incredible people and after taking matters into my own hands about 6 years ago, I found the most success in changing my lifestyle and diet. While my body began to heal and my energy levels were higher than ever before, I missed the joy I used to get in the kitchen creating something super delicious (simply put, I missed muffins).

After lots of experimenting, I found ways to create indulgent tasting snacks and treats that are filled with healthy and nourishing ingredients that are both satisfying and energizing. With that said, this health adventure has shown me that it ultimately all comes down to finding a balance. If you incorporate a variety of more wholesome ingredients into your diet, your body functions on a higher level even if you do decide to have that extra piece of cake or that crisp gin and tonic after a long day at work (forever guilty).